Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week 5

On June 30th Dave & I found out that we are preggers!!! The 30th was the 28th day of my cycle and I was just going to wait it out and see what happened (I didn't have any symptoms to warent a pregnancy test...) But Annie insisted that I take a test that next morning. What's the harm right? Wednesday morning I got up with Dave and took the test first thing. We looked at the results together & I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Two solid pink lines!!! I had to explain to Dave (through laughter & tears) that two pink lines meant we were pregnant! He couldn't believe just one pregnancy test though... So we got dressed & rushed to the store to get some more. I was chugging water the whole time. As soon as we got home he wanted me to take the second test right away. I barely had enough liquid in me so I was afraid I would get a false negative. But the tiny tinkle I had was enough to get another positive test - YAY! Just to make sure I also took a third preg test and it confirmed the first two!!!

Our expected due date is March 10th, but in my mind we have a due week (10th - 17th) being that most first babies are typically late. Dave & I are so excited for this new chapter in our lives. And can't wait to meet our little BB (Baby Brinker)!