Friday, September 5, 2014

37 weeks

Full term!!! We had our midwife check me this week because we had a little camping trip planned for the long Labor Day weekend. I was dilated to about 1-2 cm, but cervix is still anterior. She felt confident that we were safe to go camping! The weather didn't cooperate though, so we ended up going on a family hike instead. 


38 weeks

At our appointment with our midwife yesterday we found out that baby is locked & loaded! She was able to feel baby's neck & cheeks but head is so low that was all she could feel! Baby is also posterior which explains why I was feeling a bit off that day. I'm sure baby flipped over that morning as I felt a big flip-flop & was uncomfortable for the rest of the day! My gut feeling is that we have another week & a half. 

Here are some photos of Easton cuddling with his little sibling!