Thursday, February 9, 2012

Months 10 & 11!!!

We are nearing that one year mark so fast! How is it possible that in only one more month Isabel will be a full year old! I know its so cliche, but time flies by ever so fast! The last few months have been especially eventful in life changes and developmental leaps!

10 months:
* Full on crawls (thanks Rowan for showing her how!)
* Finally eating solid food!
* Drinks from a sippy cup and a straw
* Pulls herself up on the couch and walks along the length of it while holding on
* Official first word is "Bob"!

11 months:
* Claps her hands
* Does the baby sign for "all done"
* Holds out her hand to show you what she wants or where she wants to go
* Crawls up the stairs
* Says "mamama" and "daddeee"
* Moved to Montana!
* Had her first fever & ER visit
* Cutting two molars

Here are the attempts at our photo shoot for this month! Isabel is still trying to take off that diaper & gets grumpy when I want her to be still next to that silly bunny. She has also added playing with the lens cap, climbing over the pillows and playing with the iPad to her arsenal of evasive tricks!