Friday, October 15, 2010

Week 19

Lots of stuff to share this week! The most amazing thing was our mid-pregnancy ultasound!!! I can't even describe in words how truly awe-inspring it was to see the four chambers of our baby's heart, to see feet, toes, hands, fingers, legs, arms, head and face!!! While I've known since day 1 that we have a little person in there, seeing our baby's face made it so real! The little wiggler has a face & a personality!

Profile - can you see mom in there?

Feet - Dad's long toes, but mom's big feet!

Another adorable profile shot

I tried posting a video of the ultrasound, but it's not working. I'll have to try again later... I can't wait to show it to you tough! You can actually SEE the baby moving around!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 18

Movement!!! This last week I for sure started to feel little BB move! It started with little flutters and then one night I was enjoying the flutters at 2:30am and felt an actual kick! I try to sit still every day now and "listen" for the flutters/little jabs. Feeling the baby move has become an addiction! I feel sad and a little worried when I don't feel anything for a day. It is just another amazing part of growing this little life inside! These movements are irrefutable evidence of an actual human being living inside my belly!!! The next big thing to look forward to is when dad can feel the baby for himself. His face always lights up every time I tell him that I felt the baby move. I can't wait to see his face when he feels the baby himself!

More concrete evidence of that baby, is my growing belly! We're going through a pretty good growth spurt right now! This weekend I finally wore tight shirts for the first time! I love not feeling like I have to hide my belly because I feel like it just looks fat. Nope, not anymore! It looks preggers now!

Week 18

Friday, October 1, 2010

Week 17

Growing is the name of the game now! Because I see myself in the mirror every day its hard to judge how much bigger I am now than a few weeks ago. But this morning I had a pretty concrete indication of my expanding waistline when I couldn't button my regular jeans anymore! I wore the same ones just last Saturday! So bella band it is now! I just love that thing! (Its a thick elastic band that goes over you pants so you can wear them unbuttoned - it just looks like you're wearing a laying t-shirt.)

The pictures this week are from my weekend in Klamath Falls. My Abuelito is in the country so I needed to see him before he gets too antsy to get back to his cows in Mexico :-) It was a weekend full of family and food - staples of Mexican culture!!! I swear I gained 5 pounds just in those two days!

My Tia Olivia is THE baking queen! This cheesecake was amazing!!!

But just one baked delicacy wasn't enough! I got a juicy apple pie too!

Present from my cousin Chava. Yes I do have that typical prego craving for pickles!

One of my Abuelito's specialties - Posole! I know it might sound weird but its a pretty traditional Mexican breakfast. I gotta learn how to make it!

Enjoying our posole! My poor Abuelito was surrounded by his girls all weekend!

It was so great getting to visit with my precious Abuelito. He is already excited to fly into Sacramento next spring to come see the baby! This little one is going to be the 4th generation of 1st borns! That is going to be one awesome picture!