Friday, October 1, 2010

Week 17

Growing is the name of the game now! Because I see myself in the mirror every day its hard to judge how much bigger I am now than a few weeks ago. But this morning I had a pretty concrete indication of my expanding waistline when I couldn't button my regular jeans anymore! I wore the same ones just last Saturday! So bella band it is now! I just love that thing! (Its a thick elastic band that goes over you pants so you can wear them unbuttoned - it just looks like you're wearing a laying t-shirt.)

The pictures this week are from my weekend in Klamath Falls. My Abuelito is in the country so I needed to see him before he gets too antsy to get back to his cows in Mexico :-) It was a weekend full of family and food - staples of Mexican culture!!! I swear I gained 5 pounds just in those two days!

My Tia Olivia is THE baking queen! This cheesecake was amazing!!!

But just one baked delicacy wasn't enough! I got a juicy apple pie too!

Present from my cousin Chava. Yes I do have that typical prego craving for pickles!

One of my Abuelito's specialties - Posole! I know it might sound weird but its a pretty traditional Mexican breakfast. I gotta learn how to make it!

Enjoying our posole! My poor Abuelito was surrounded by his girls all weekend!

It was so great getting to visit with my precious Abuelito. He is already excited to fly into Sacramento next spring to come see the baby! This little one is going to be the 4th generation of 1st borns! That is going to be one awesome picture!


  1. I guess your Abuelito is from Jalisco... If you visit the highlands of Veracruz, maybe you will eat chilatole for breakfast... How about Panzita or Menudo (Tripe soup or stew, very popular Sunday mornings after the Saturday night pachanga (binge)... Pancakes (called Hot Cakes here) have become popular in Mexico, especially in the fairs. But they are eaten in the evening. I think the sweet breakfast was invented in the United States and imagine that everywhere else around the world casseroles, soups and stews are eaten for breakfast... Your abuelita's Strawberry "Cheesecake" (I believe it's actually a cheesepie here...) does look great. It's a Guanajuato style if I'm correct. Guanajuato borders on Jalisco; so there can be much cultural crossover... How close did I come? If you don't know what is Chilatole, you should visit Veracruz and try it. In Guadalajara a less sabrosa version of it is called "Birria". The difference is in the herbs used...

  2. Perdon, it wasn't your abuelita's cheesecake, but your Tia's... It's funny, I stumbled across your blog while seeking photographs of cows roaming free, walking in single file when I saw your photograph of the cheesecake. And then I saw the Vlasic Pickles... Two things that happened when my wife and I were crossing Mexico from Guadalajara, Jalisco to Veracruz was we saw some wonderful photo opportunities with cows crossing feels or the sides of lakes in Jalisco or Guanajuato. In Mexico I absolutely fell in-love with cows and bulls and calves... and I want to create a painting of cows free and roaming as a family... I couldn't take the photographs probably because I was travelling at 75mph on a super highway and probably didn't have the camera at hand. The other thing that happened was a conversation about dill pickles and the possibility of preparing them in our kitchen. My wife is Mexican and does not know cucumber pickles... In Mexico, Mexicans put ketchup on everything (they cover slices of pizza with ketchup!). I mentioned that pickle relish would be so much better on a hamburger or a hotdog. It's sweet like ketchup, but has texture and possible nutritional value... The problem is in being able to obtain that type of pickle in baby form... So, did I come close? Is your grandfather from the state of Jalisco?