Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 23

Baby shower!!! Last Saturday was our first shower thanks to my wonderful mama, amazing sister Hannah, & awesome friends Jenna & Becca! It was soooooo great to see old friends & all of the beautiful women in my family! How humbling it was to look around the room and see the realm of positive influence my life has had from the very beginning. What a legacy to give to my little one. We are so incredibly blessed!

Rosa, Aunt Cheryl & I

Tia Tere, Me, Mama, Ana, Colin, Tia Olivia, Hannah, Chava, Annika, Maria, Rosa & Antonia

Hannah's fun decorations!

Besides the babyshower the best part was getting to spend almost a whole week in Beaverton just hanging out with my awesome family (which includes my closest friends who are family too!). Between staying up until 1am jammin' to Dave's guitar, dancing at Saturday Market, stuffing our face with grapes, and watching Father Jay get wound up by the dogs, we were spoiled by my mama's amazing cooking! This crazy family is so excited for little BB to make an appearance.

Belly Wars!!!

Uncle Andy "ballin' the baby

Daddy rockin' out

Auntie Becca!

Uncle Andy, Auntie Becca & Uncle Timmy Joe

Antie Nana, & Tia Rosa

THE Girls!

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