Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Meal

I'm super way behind on documenting all the new things that Isabel does each and every day. But here are the photos from her very first meal! The special day was August 17th & I was super excited to use the Baby Bullet that Sally Ivy gave me (thanks again Sally! You're the BEST!). I got organic brown rice and milled it to create my own rice cereal. It was so easy to do that I'm going to set a goal of not giving Isabel any processed food until she is over a year old. (We'll see how long I can hold out;-) Of course this monumental occasion had to have all the perks and finery that every first meal should have. And of course this special first meal was spit out and deemed to be disusing by the new little eater!

Here is the video of her first meal!

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