Tuesday, October 11, 2011

6 and 7 months old!

I missed updating for Isabel's 6th month, so I have two months of catching up! Here are the big milestones for the past two months.

6 Months
*Eaten solid food, and promptly spit it back out
*Rolled over from back to front
*Sitting up without any help
*Has two bottom teeth
*Got her first shot (DTaP) and did awesome!
*Weighed 17lbs 10oz at her 6 month checkup!

7 Months
*Consistently leans and reaches for the person she wants
*Scoots around in the sitting position (quite mysteriously)
*Has two big top teeth
*Rolled over repeatedly from back to front, and front to back
*Recognizes "patty cake"
*Can scoot around in the walker
*Does a "huffing & puffing" thing when she is mad (or just to be silly sometimes)
*She is becoming more and more independent and just wants to play and not cuddle with mom anymore!

Here are the pictures from our 7 month photo shoot. This was the hardest one yet! It is almost impossible to get her to sit still! She is a little girl on the move!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love her! I ADORE the picture of her with bunny's leg between hers... absolutely fabulous.