Monday, January 2, 2012

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Thanksgiving and Christmas were spent in Oregon of course! We had a very special Thanksgiving because all the In-Laws of the Fraley's were there! Auntie Nanna's in-laws, the Kasmeyers joined the Fraleys and Brinkers for a wonderful meal! It was pretty awesome and special to have the WHOLE family together (if only Uncle Luc & Uncle Todd would have been there it would have been perfect!).

Chillin' out with Abuelito Jay after Thanksgiving dinner!

We got to visit the Japanese gardens with all the Tias and precious Aunt Mayme!

We payed a special visit to Payton when her grandma Sally was watching her. Sally Ivy is one of Grammie Sally's best friends. How fun that they both have granddaughters only 6 weeks apart!

When up in Oregon we always do a lot of going back and forth from the Fraley household to the Brinkers. We love every moment that we can spend with our family!

Isabel's first ride in Santa's Sleigh at Sleigh Bells Tree Farm!

We were able to attend the annual Fraley Christmas Tree hunt! It was the fasted Christmas tree find on record for the Fraley family! The rain might have had something to do with it...

Christmas Eve was at the Brinkers, and Uncle Dan, Aunt Kay, Danny, Allison, Michael & Chris came over for appetizers. After they left we got to dig into the presents! Isabel needed some help opening up hers, but she loved all the fun toys and cute clothes she got!

Walking with Tia Rosa!

Walking with Uncle Tim!

Walking with Auntie Nana!

Reaching for the sky with Uncle Andy!

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