Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 16

We're already starting our 4th month of pregnancy! I just wish I was feeling better. This little one sure is making me sick! I've been puking only about once a week, so that really isn't all that bad. I still don't have much appetite. At our doctor appointment this week I actually lost a pound. My midwife didn't seem too worried. She said the baby will get all the nutrients they need at my expense. I'm actually finding out how many women I know who have lost 5-20 pounds in the first four-five months of pregnancy! So my one pound loss really isn't that bad, even though its not ideal either. After our appointment we went to my favorite doughnut shop and indulged in some homemade donuts!

I can't believe that we're almost half way through the pregnancy and only one month away from finding out baby's gender! Even though I loved the surprise with Isabel, I'm totally stoked to find out if this little one is a he, or a she! Its going to be so fun to actually be able to plan ahead this time according to baby's gender!

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