Saturday, July 9, 2011

4 Months

4 whole months have gone by! Isabel is just a blast right now. Not that she wasn't before, but she can interact so much more now! Just today while standing in line at the store she was cracking up at the person behind us who was smiling at her! I love it when she is so charming like that :-)

New things this month include being able to reach out to things. She can't quite tell her fingers to grab items yet, but she is good at using both hands to scoop the desired item straight into her mouth! She also reaches for your face like I mentioned in my last post, which is so adorable! Other mouth advancements are sucking on fingers, sucking on lips and pretty much just sucking on anything and everything that comes even close to her mouth! Here are a couple videos

She is pretty close to being able to roll over. She can do an assisted roll over if I get one arm under her head. I'm not sure what she is going to do first, roll from back to tummy, or tummy to back. I've been trying to give her more and more tummy time every day so that she can roll over soon!

Isabel is also becoming more vocal. Her frustrations have new pitches to them as she squeels from high to higher! She has an adorable little contented grunt she does too. Often times before she falls asleep. Her bables are also getting more complex. I love our little "conversations" when she gets a talkin'.

I can't remember if she could support her own weight on her legs last month. But she is getting better and better at standing as she puts those chubby little legs to work!

Here are her 4 month pictures!

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  1. She is absolutely ADORABLE. Seriously, can't get enough! What a gorgeous baby you guys have made!!