Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tio Juan & Tia Raquel

This week my great aunt and uncle, Tio Juan & Tia Raquel came to visit from Guadalajara Mexico! They flew right into Santa Rosa and stayed with us for a couple of days before driving with us up to Klamath Falls and then Beaverton for Auntie Nanna's wedding. It was so wonderful to have these treasures stay with us for a few days. I loved having them all to ourselves and get completely un-interupted time and not have to share! Isabel absolutely LOVED her Tio Juan. They quickly became best buddies. While they were here with us we went to San Francisco for a day, wine tasting and to the Sonoma Farmer's Market. They really enjoyed our little quiet town and are excited to come see our new home in Bozeman when we move up there.

Bobby loved Tio & Tia too!

Hanging out in San Francisco

Tuesday Farmer's Market

Tio Juan & Tia Raquel are the closest reletives I have to grandparents now. Tia Raquel is who I am named after, and she is the younger sister of my Abuelito. She is only about 9 years older than my mom, but she has always very close to my family. She taught me how to make some wonderful new Mexican foods while she was here, and brought so many gifts I lost count! I also got a big boost of confidence in my ability to speak Spanish because that is all we spoke while they were here!

Having my precious Tio & Tia here reminded me of the rich heritage that my family comes from. They represent a way of life that is quickly becoming obsolete. They live simply. Faith and family are the most important things. Their actions speak louder than their words, and their words resonate with wisdom. I hope that Isabel and I can go to Mexico this fall to see them again, and to also spend time with my other great aunts and uncles, and most importantly my great Abuelita Santos who is turning 100. While my Abuelito is no longer living, I still do dream of the photo of five generations together - My Abuelita Santos, my Tia Raquel, my mom, me and Isabel.

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