Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time for Round Two!

Isabel is going to be a big sister! I know this pregnancy story might be a bit Too-Much-Information for some people, but its still part of the story of how we found out about our new little family member!

This May my period was supposed to come around the 3rd week of the month. I took a pregnancy test on Tuesday the 15th before heading out for a girl's wine night. Its not like Dave and I had really been trying to get pregnant, but we weren't exactly not trying either ;-) The test was negative (one of the ones that tells you 6 days early!), so I went out and enjoyed an evening of girl-friends, gossip and wine! The rest of the week came and went and I still didn't have my period. That Sunday I took another early results test and it was still negative! I figured that I had just mis-calculated my cycle. That Thursday before some friends came in town for Memorial Day weekend I got some cheep $1 tests and decided that if they were negative again, I should call my OBGYN because something had to be wrong! But this time they were positive!

We're super excited for this new little addition to our family. Although there is so much anticipation and excitement with a first born, there is also a lot of unknown. I'm thrilled to go into this pregnancy with a better idea of what to expect - there were so many things I didn't know when I was pregnant with Isabel, and now I don't  have to worry as much because we've "been there, done that!". The scariest part with Isabel was the first few months when you are trying to take care of this new little life, and you realize how little experience you have when it comes to taking care of a newborn. This time around, I know it wont be the same, but I have so many more tools, tricks and ideas I can try. We just can't wait for this baby to join our family, and I'm amazed at how much I love this little person already!

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