Friday, April 12, 2013

3 Months

This month Easton has been working on growing and becoming more independent. Sleeping hasn't really changed much, and he is still in the co-sleeper or in bed with me. My goal is to get his crib done ASAP so that we can start putting him in there and maybe doing some sleep training. The poor guy is 3 months old and still has a construction zone for a room!

The milestones for this month are:

Can sit in the bumbo but will kind of flop to one side after a little while
Holds his head up like a pro!
Eats every 3 hours
Longest he has slept is still 5 hours, but I'm getting about one long stint a week
Smiles like crazy when you smile at him 
He coos and "talks" to you (he has actually been doing that for over a month actually)
Still blue eyes! But they are like a blue/grey
Hair is starting to get a reddish/auburn tint to it

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