Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oregon February/March

Except for the grandmas and Uncle Blake, none of the other family members had met Easton yet, so in late February Easton took his first airplane ride home to Oregon to see his family!

While it was so much fun getting to spend over three weeks with the fam, the bummer was that we were all sick! First Easton came down with a cold that we're pretty sure was a mild case of RSV. The poor little guy was sooo congested! I ended up taking him to urgent care to make sure that there wasn't any fluid in his lungs. His lungs were in the clear, and he just needed more time to get better. A few days later I started to feel achy, be all congested and have that horrible head pressure/head ache. Then a few days after that Isabel starts running a fever, acting all grumpy. and being all stuffed up too!

So we weren't able to visit as many friends as we had hoped, but at least I had a lot of help with the sick kids, versus being alone and sick myself at home (Dave was out of town).

"Cousin Lilly Geanne, if I play with your toes will you have more fun in the bath tub?"

Los tres primos!

The head flop

All wrapped up in mommy's favorite childhood blanky
Before we all had symptoms of being sick we were able to get out for an outing of feeding the ducks!

Hanging with Poppa!

Grandmas and their grandkids!

Opening birthday presents!

Chillin' with Uncle Andy!

Cuddles with Tia Ana

Meeting Great Tio Tono!

Lilly Geanne chattin' with Tia Ana

Dancing with her new tu-tu!

First dance lesson

Uncle Justin and the nephew

Birthday Apple Crisp!

Uncle Timmers!

Talking with Ito!

Besos preciosos de Tia Olivia

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