Friday, August 23, 2013

Oregon: Brinker Visit

We went straight from camping in Southern Oregon to Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast. Two big "firsts" for Easton in one week! The coast was beautiful as usual and so refreshing. There is a part of me that craves that fresh salty air. It is hard to explain the deep sense of relaxation and quietness I feel when at the coast. 

When Sally and I were talking about what beach to take the kids to, she mentioned "Margie's Beach". A quiet place where she and her best friend/sister-in-law would go to escape the craziness of their family's house on Devil's Lake. I told her about my family's special beach too, where we would always go with my Abuelita. it wasalso at  that beach where all of us Perez girls spent an afternoon with our Pam. We decided to go to Margie's Beach so that I could see her special place. As we rounded the corner and I saw the parking lot, I excitedly exclaimed, "This is my special beach too!!!" How amazing that we were talking about the same place the whole time! It is also quite possible that we were both there at the same time decades ago! 

I was so thrilled to share this magical place with my kiddos. A place that has deep emotional ties to both sides of their family. There is a quiet little stream for them to play in, some shade by the rock wall and of course sand galore! I look forward to making new memories with them at this place that is so near and dear to my heart. 

First experience of feeling sand through his toes!


Hanging with Great Aunt Alma and all the Reimer second cousins!

We were able to meet up with Uncle Blake for lunch before we headed out of town and back to Bozeman. It was the first time that he had seen Easton's big blue eyes!  

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