Monday, August 12, 2013

7 months

Its kind of tradition now to start out these monthly updates with his sleep routine. After our trip to Oregon Easton has done some major backsliding when it comes to sleep. Some nights he will wake up only once around 2 am to nurse, other nights he is up ever 2 hours or so! Teething is a big factor in that too though... Naps are hit and miss. Sometimes he will go to sleep while nursing, other times I can put him down and he will fuss for a minute before going to sleep, other times he screams. I'm at a loss with this kid! Sleeping aside, he is such a fun little guy! The sounds he makes are just hilarious and he is so active and curious. He smiles all the time and will give anyone cuddles who has willing arms to snuggle. 

7 month highlights:
Went camping for the first time
Has 4 teeth!
Can get into the crawling position
Had his first taste of sugar (A Nilla wafer thanks to Tia Olivia)
Spent first nights away from mama
Makes all sorts of manly growls and grunts
Solid foods are hit and miss
Weights over 18.5 lbs

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