Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week 37

Full Term!!!!

This week marks the big milestone of carrying this baby to full term. So pretty much we're in the "window" and could have the baby any day! Although my gut feeling is still that BB will be born after March 10th, so we could still have a month left... but we shall see!

As of right now, I would LOVE BB to be born any day before the due date. The pregnancy has been blissful so far, but within the last week I've had A LOT more aches and pains. Just last night, my hips hurt so bad I could hardly walk! I hope my chiropractor can patch me up so that I can teach for a few more weeks. My official last day at school is March 4th. Only 10 more instructional days left! At our last doctor's appointment we got confirmation that BB's head is indeed down. All the extra aches around my pelvis are due to the pressure of there being a head down there! That is awesome news, and I'm trying to focus on that each time I grimace when getting out of the car, getting up from sitting down, or trying to roll over in bed! The simple things, aren't so simple anymore!

This week we are finally putting the baby's room together, packing our hospital bags and getting the car seat installed. By this time next week, we should be set and ready to go! Each passing day brings us closer to holding this baby in our arms. I honestly can't wait to go through labor and just get this baby out into the world and out of my belly! :-) The excitement makes all the uncomfortableness sooooo worth it!

Week 37 belly

The bulge!

Our Valentine's Day dessert! Daddy knows what momma likes!

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  1. oh my gosh!!! you are so beautiful!!! I can't believe it! Well I can believe it, but I want to see your belly or baby! love you!