Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 38

Today was quite the informative day. We learned a lot about our little baby after spending 3 1/2 hours at the hospital! It all started with our normal 38 week appointment where the doctor listened to the heartbeat (152 bpm), did a pelvic exam (1cm dilated & 80% effaced), and measured the fundus (34cm). She was a bit concerned because the fundal height should match how far along you are. So 34cm is about 4 cm off from the 38 weeks that we are at right now. She said that it could be due to a small baby, or low amniotic fluid. She then wheeled the basic ultrasound machine in and did some measurements of the amnionic fluid pockets. A measurement of 5 or lower means that there isn't enough fluid and they would induce. A measurement of 8 or more is desired. We were at 7. This was enough of a concern to her to order a real ultrasound in the Imaging department and a Non-Stress Test in Labor and Delivery. So down to Imaging we went. I really wasn't worried about the baby being too small, but I was concerned about there being enough amnionic fluid. The ultasound showed that having a small baby is not in the cards for us! The measurements of the baby indicated that little Baby Brinker is already 7lb 13oz! The margin of error is about 14 oz, so BB could be as small as 6lbs 15oz or as big as 8lbs 11oz!!! Because of the measurements she put our delivery date to be around March 4th - almost a whole week before the original due date! Baby's feet are big (just like mom's) they are over 3 inches long, baby's head is large (ouch!) and baby has long legs (those Fraley genes!). Oh, and the amount of amnionic fluid is competely fine!

Then we got to go up Labor and Deliver for the Non-Stress Test. I actually had to get admitted into the hospital first! It was pretty crazy to be hanging out in an actual delivery room wearing a hospital gown, sipping juice, eating string cheese, watching Ellen, with monitors on my belly. Of course the test showed that they baby's movements and heartbeat are perfectly normal!

Even though I was a little worried there for a minute, deep inside I knew everything was fine, and it totally is! I'm glad we know a lot more about our baby though! So much fun to already see family traits, and know that I could possibly be pregnant for only another week!

Here is a picture of our baby! This is a straight on look at the face, as baby is laying on their side. Can you see those chubby cheeks!?!?

Baby's room is finally coming along! And just in time apparently! Here is the cute co-sleeper all ready with baby's swaddle/sleep sack! Now we just need the baby!

Baby's crib with bedding. Still gotta get a mattress though...

The wonderful changing table/dresser that matches the crib! So thankful to the Landry family for such a wonderful hand-me-down!!!

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