Saturday, March 10, 2012

1st Birthday Party

I'm not sure who this party was really for - Isabel or mom & dad! We had so much fun planning it! Daddy thought it would be fun to do a musical theme being that Isabel loves playing daddy's guitars and keyboard.

Our menu included: "guitar" string cheese, fruit "melody", "serenade" lemonade, rock and "roll" sandwiches, complete with lunch meat that looked like a piano!

The people that helped celebrate Isabel's first year of birth were: Abuelita, Auntie Nana, Poppa, the Awes, Spositos, Seacats, Racicots, Sloans and Adam!

While the moms and dads visited the toddlers made shoebox guitars, and took home shakers as party favors. Isabel didn't quite know what to do about opening up presents so the toddler friends helped her on that end. When it came time for cake though, it didn't take her long to figure that one out! She had a blast gobbling up the yummy cream cheese frosting to get to the red velvet cake underneath!

A photo for each month of her life starting when I was 38 week pregnant

My mom gave me these tulips two years ago for my birthday. They already bloomed in Sonoma, but the leaves were the perfect color green so I had to use them for some decorations! I spray painted the pot for an extra pop of color.

Party favors were baby-food jars filled with split peas (they even matched the colors of the party). I spray painted the lids, and used the same fabric from the banner and table runner to cover the outside of the jars. Some ribbon and a tag completed the look! Oh, and the lids were glued on so little hands couldn't figure out how to get a hold of the peas and cause trouble!

Her tutu became a headdress thanks to Abuelita!

Time to get clean!

While Isabel wont remember this 1st birthday party, it was such a blast to celebrate this monumental first year of her life! We wished all of our family could have been here, but we are so grateful to my mom, sister Hannah and Pop for coming out for the party! We are also so thankful for our amazing friends and their kiddos that Isabel gets to grow up with.

*Credits* I didn't design all the adorable graphics myself (I wish!) On etsy I found a wonderful graphic artist who did a custom design just for the party! Here is a link to her etsy shop.

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  1. Oh my goodness- I love it all! Great theme, awesome colors, and wonderful pictures! Happy Birthday Isabel! You are lucky to have such a thoughtful mommy!