Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Year Old!

We did it! One year of parenting under our belts! Isabel's one year birthday was so much fun, but also sad for this mama at the same time. While she will always be my baby girl, she developmentally is not longer a baby but entering toddler-hood! Every day I try to cuddle with my sweet girl, but she is too busy to just sit around right now!

Here are her new "tricks" this month!
*Climbs down the stairs
*Says "tay du" for "thank you"
*Walks while you hold one of her hands
*Has two bottom molars coming through
*Puts toys away
*Yelps like a dog
*Throws her head back and howls like a wolf
*Grunts like an elk
*Growls like a bear
*Uses her hand in front of her mouth to make an Indian sound
*Attempts to feed herself with a spoon
*Waves hello and bye-bye
*Makes a dramatic gasping noise that is funny and alarming at the same time

She is at such a fun stage right now when she can imitate so many things! She isn't walking yet, but she still manages to get into everything! As you can see from this month's pictures, her personality is shining through more and more. Isabel sure is a little ham!

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