Friday, March 23, 2012

Letter to Isabel


One year ago today we met you! While I feel that I already knew you, seeing your face for the first time was just beyond any type of joy and contentment I've ever felt. I've told you so many times that you truly are a dream come true! Ever since I can remember I've wanted to be a mama. It was you that made it happen!

This last year has brought so many changes to our lives. We've lost family members, added people to our family and moved to a new state. Through it all you have been a constant source of joy and love in our lives. Just this morning when daddy was telling you goodbye before he headed to work, you looked up at him and opened your mouth to give him a slobber kiss! Then you reached out to me so that I could lean in for my own kiss!

You are so amazing just because you are YOU! I see truly awesome things in you my sweet girl. You are independent and like to be able to do things by yourself, yet you also have a very tender heart. You (generally) obey very well and I only have to tell you "no" once and you stop being a little stinker. You have a great sense of humor and love to do things to make mommy and daddy laugh. Once you find something that makes us crack up, you do it over and over! You are curious and intelligent, and are very interested in how things work. I hope you take after mama and are good with mechanical things! You are very easy going and its so nice to be able to take you pretty much anywhere. While I try to keep your bedtimes consistent, we can still hang out with friends a little later than normal because as long as you are occupied you're pretty happy! Here at home you are busy, busy, busy! You never stop moving! You love to climb into bathroom cupboards and take out all the toilet paper rolls, play with plastic containers in the kitchen or empty your dresser drawers. When you are around a lot of other people, you become a little observer. You sit and just watch and listen. You love your doggy "Bob" and look for him every morning when you wake up. You are learning how to be gentle with giving him love and affection. He loves you too and is very patient with you tugging on his ears or grabbing his little legs. You are also very loving. While you don't cuddle with mommy very much, you do love to cuddle with daddy, Poppa and Auntie Sam from time to time. You generously give out your adorable slobber kisses and are starting to give loving hugs as well.

Your strength, obedience, humor, curiosity, intelligence, gentleness, observations, easy going personality & loving spirit, are qualities that will help you go far in adulthood. Your daddy and I pray that we have the strength and wisdom to keep leading you on a path of integrity.

I love you forever
I like you for always
As long as I'm living
My baby you will be

I love you so much my baby girl!

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