Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Week 31

We are now into the single digit countdown of the weeks until our little sweet baby's due date! Only 9 weeks to go! As I suspected, November and December flew by with the holidays and family. Some days I feel like the next two months will fly by too, while other days I think that this last little stretch is going to drag on as I get more anxious and excited to meet our baby! These days little Brinker moves around like crazy. He/she has probably been moving around just as much this whole time, but I can really feel it and see it now. Including hiccups! It used to be that I would feel my little one the most when I would sit down and relax. Now this kiddo is kicking and squirming while I go grocery shopping, teach, and putz around the house! One of my favorite games it so feel around and try to guess what body parts I can actually detect through the skin of my stomach. Its crazy to think that this next generation is hanging out just beneath a thin layer of skin a tissue! I can feel him/her, and see the movements baby is making... I feel so close, yet so far from knowing this living little being.

Belly Pictures for this week!

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  1. look at you razzle!! I can't believe only 9 more weeks!! so crazy!