Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week 33


Thanks to wonderful Uncle Todd last weekend we got to go on a "Babymoon" to Calistoga Ranch! I had never heard of a babymoon before, but when I called up the resort to book our stay they asked if it was a special occasion. I told them that it was going to be our last getaway before our baby is born. "Oh so its your babymoon" was the cheery reply. So Babymoon it was!

We arrived in the afternoon and pulled up in front and were promptly greeted by someone who opened the car door for me, unloaded our luggage onto a posh golf cart and valet parked our car. There were a lot of Mercedes around - our Exterra was a tad bit out of place ;-) After checking in we were shuttled to our private "lodge". The photos tell the story of what we arrived to!

What the photos don't tell are the posh, yummy robes (there was even a hair scrunchy in the pocket of mine!), the complementary mini bar (you bet I raided it before we left!) the luxurious bath tub and the wonderful view (no better way to start a Satruday) and the free cheese and wine tasting
(wine for Dave - cheese for me!)

This place is so nice ("nicer than we are" according to Dave) that when we left for dinner they came and cleaned our room! All the trash was emptied, our cheese platter cleaned up, the toilet paper and Kleenex re-folded. They even took care of Dave's dirty clothes that he left on the floor from his shower by scooting them into the closet! Other noteworthy things that happened were the smoke alarms going off after Dave took a shower before dinner, and a 2.6 earthquake at 2am (practice for when the baby is born!). All in all, it was amazing and uber relaxing. I only wish we had an extra $500 so I could have spent a day at the spa!

Perfect afternoon snack!

"Champagne" for the prego


A tranquil afternoon

Calistoga Sunset

Cool mural in Calistoga

Outdoor shower - so exhilarating!

The view we woke up to

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  1. looks amazing! That was so nice of Todd! You guys deserved the getaway especially before show season! xo