Tuesday, July 2, 2013

5 & 6 months

5 months
The biggest milestone this month is the amount of sleep that Easton is finally giving me at night! The weekend of Mother's Day he gave me the BEST present ever! An 8 hr night, followed by 7 hrs the next night and then 6 hrs to round out the best 3 nights sleep I have had in over 6 months! It didn't last long though... but right now we are in a pretty good routine of 5 hrs to start off, and then nursing once at night and once in the morning to eeeek out another hour or so of sleep :-)

Here are his other developmental highlights:
Weighs 17lbs & 5oz
Can put his toes in his mouth
Babbles are becoming more complex
Blows bubbles and gives mom raspberries on her shoulder
Reaches for toys and to touch faces
He's a little grabber and anything that goes into his hands goes into his mouth
Will occasionally roll over from stomach to back
Does a forward fold type of sitting up

6 months
Sleeping is getting better & better (finally!) A typical night Easton will go to bed between 8:30-9:30, wake up to nurse around 4-5am and then be up by 7-7:30. This is a much more manageable schedule for this mom's sanity. We also had a break-through in how he goes to sleep. With about 80% success I can lay him down awake and he will go to sleep on his own. This is HUGE, because he used to scream like he was being physically hurt when I would lay him down in his crib. Even if he was asleep he would wake up throwing his arms out and give mom a piece of his mind! Its so hard to put a baby to sleep in your arms when you have a 2-year-old banging on the door because she feels left out!

This month Easton tricks include:
Rolling over both ways (stomach to back & back to stomach)
Sittin up straight, but still plops over eventually
Eatting solid food for the first time (the jury's still out on that one)
Shows his temper if something he wants gets taken away
Decided that he doesn't like being strapped in his car seat for more than about 20min
Still no teeth, but drools and gnaws on things like crazy
Reaches for mama when he wants to be held
Never stops moving!!!

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