Monday, July 22, 2013

Las Tias

For our much anticipated trip to Nashville it worked out for my Tia Olivia, my cousin Maria and my sister Rosa to all come out and watch the kiddos! I knew they would be in the most loving care, but still had my worries about Easton taking a bottle (he hadn't been too reliable) and his finicky sleep schedule. The night before we were to fly out he had the most horrible night in month!!! At 2am - two hours before we were to leave to catch our flight - we called the trip off. We had gotten zero sleep and I just couldn't leave my little guy for 5 days when he still needed his mama so much. I know he would have survived the trip and been totally fine, but I wouldn't have been able to enjoy myself while worrying about him the whole time. We decided to head to a friend's cabin for 2 nights instead, which was a much more reasonable amount of time to be gone! The first night that we were gone, Easton slept like a champ and woke up once, chugged his bottle and went right back to sleep! It actually worked out perfectly because we were able to spend a few more days with my family, which is priceless!

An afternoon at Hylite

Our Lake Getaway

Another Trip to Yellowstone!

The argument before the cute picture "You never take pictures with me Maria!"

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