Monday, July 1, 2013

Fraley's Visit

Ito, Auntie Hannah and cousin Lilly Geanne came out for a wonderful visit while daddy was away hunting black bears in Canada. It was awesome to have the extra help and to spend much overdue time with our family!

Mr. Blue eyes and Mr. Blue eyes

He would get mad when the yummy thumb was taken away!

 We loaded up all the kids into the car, Hannah road Mexican style and we took a little road trip to Virginia City! Isabel had quite the eventful day - she got to pet a horse, was afraid of a buffalo, terrified of going on the train and had quite the view of everything from Ito's shoulders! She ended up liking the train ride and still talks about it. 
All the grandkids stuffed in one car!

Isabel wants ice cream!

Isabel doesn't want the buffalo

Pretty ceiling

Not willing to go on the train

Mama and her precious girl!

Lilly Geanne playing with Ito

Silly LG

The next day we went to the 100 acre park to let the dogs run around. Auntie Hannah had gotten Isabel an awesome bubble set and she was excited to blow some bubbles! It was pretty windy, so she didn't need to do much blowing on her own!

Excited Lilly Geanne!

Half way eating and playing with a bottle
 The last day of the visit we went on a little hike up to beautiful Palisades Falls. Round trip Isabel probably walk cumulatively half way by herself!

The little hiker!

Refreshing water and chubby legs!

Isabel toes

Easton toes

Favorite past-time: throwing rocks!

What happens when a 2-year-old spends most of the day outside

Taking a rest "I wanna sit down"

Little man

Scenery and its photographer
 That evening was Music on Main. It was pretty hot and crowded, but Ito and Hannah still enjoyed seeing a true Bozeman tradition.

On the way out of town we followed the fam to the Headwaters of the Missouri River!

Ito and all his grandkids!

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