Tuesday, August 9, 2011

5 Months

Isabel is all of 5 months old now! She is developing so fast! Here are the new things she has added to her arsenal of tricks!

*Sitting up
*Rolling over from tummy to back
*Putting feet in mouth
*Constantly grabbing at anything within reach
*Wiggly like a little worm
*Reached out to mom for the first time!
*Arching her back and going all rigid when she's mad

Right now she is sleeping HORRIBLY!!! Last night she went to bed around 9pm, was up at 11:30, 1ish, 4ish, 5ish, 6ish!!! It was as if she was uncomfortable and couldn't sleep this morning. I think she might be teething? I still can't feel anything poking through, but I'm at a loss as to what else it could be. We are also going to try some rice cereal in the evening and hopefully that will help her sleep longer at night. It is a good thing I'm not going back to work, because there is no way I could function on this little sleep! I feel like I did back when she was 1 month old!

This little girl is showing more and more of her personality. She can be pretty focused and determined and definitely knows what she wants. Yet, she is also a little goof ball! I can see her mischievous sense of humor and it just cracks me up!

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