Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hangin' with the Brinkers

After the big Fraley-Kasmeyer wedding we got to relax and re-charge with the Brinker side of the fam! Isabel always loves to see Grammy, Pop & Uncle Blaker!

Pop keeps asking when he can throw Isabel up in the air and take her out for ice cream. For now we'll stick to playing with Poppa's face :-)

While in Dallas we took a little trip to Corvallis to visit great Uncle Dan and Aunt Kay. Uncle Dan is the only sibling of Grammy so they are especially near and dear to our hearts as they are the only Reynolds relatives we have (and their two boys also). They have three granddaughters, so Uncle Dan & Aunt Kay are experts when it comes to lovin' on little girls!

I have so few pictures with Isabel because I am always behind the camera so Grammy got an adorable one of Isabel and mommy in the swing! The picture is a little dark, but that works for me because I look more tan that way ;-)

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