Monday, August 1, 2011

Fraley - Kasmeyer Wedding

Wedding weekend! Auntie Nanna & Uncle Justin got hitched last Saturday! The day before the wedding Isabel got to hang out at the venue while we decorated it to the nines! Isabel got to spend time with lots of people while mommy was busy at work!

First Tio watched her...
...then Uncle Justin (good thing this outfit has a double skirt!)
It was an absolutely beautiful wedding. Of course Isabel was the second best dressed girl next to the Bride herself! I made Isabel's dress so that it would match the wedding colors, and it actually turned out super cute! Isabel had a blast hanging out with Grandma Sally for most of the day while mommy was running around doing last minute things and getting pretty.

Isabel did such a great job getting passed to this Tia, then a cousin, then to a close friend, then to an aunt... She was generous with her similes and scarce with the grumpies :-) She had a bladst with Tia Rosa from LA.

Uncle Oliver got to hold Isabel for the first time.
Little Laura Bower had fun playing with Isabel too!

The most precious visit of the evening was with Tia Lupe. Tia is the sister of my Abuelita, and reminds me so much of her that it makes me cry. When she was holding Isabel it was as if Isabel Casillas had her namesake gathered close into her arms. My Tia Lupe has 10 kids, and I don't even know how many grandkids. But it was so incredibly sweet to see the tenderness and love that she had for my little Isabel. I can only imagine how much love and affection my own Abuelita would have for her Isabel.

The wedding was the joining of two families and a wonderful time to reconnect with loved ones that we don't get to see often. We are so excited to officially have Justin be apart of our Fraley clan, even though he really has been for quite some time. We are excited to see Hannah & Justin begin their lives together & really loved how they wove the theme of "Family" into every aspect of the wedding.

***There are so many wonderful pictures on FB that I'm going to try and get. I will also post some official pictures from the wedding photographer once I get my hands on those too!

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