Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lake Hayden

After the wedding festivities we got to spend 5 days at wonderful Lake Hayden at Auntie Annie's family lake cabin in Northern Idaho. The Spositos also came, so it was wonderful to get to relax and enjoy lake life with some of our closest friends! While we were there Auntie Annie and Auntie Sam did the long bridge swim! It was 1.76 miles! I was supposed to do it too but wasn't able to get any training in. I was happy to watch from the shore and cheer the super mamas on! Our days consisted of laying out on the docks, napping, boat rides and lots of baby time! Isabel and Rowan had a blast playing with each other! We were so blessed to have the O'Neil family let us come stay at their wonderful lake cabin. We can't wait to go back again!

*Disclaimer* Sorry the photo quality isn't that great. Our camera ran out of battery and of course we forgot to bring the charger with us on the trip, so all these photos are from my phone.

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