Monday, August 29, 2011

Yosemite National Park

This last weekend's adventures took us to the spectacular Yosemite National Park. Since we are going to be moving to Bozeman Montana next spring I really wanted to see this National treasure while it is still (fairly) close by! We spent the weekend with the Spositos and Jeff's mom Roxanne and her husband Jack.

Upon driving into the valley our eyes were greeted by the astounding views of the granite cliffs that framed the pine forests, river and waterfalls below. It truly is a magical place where you see the glory of God surrounding you.

A forest fire made the sunset especially spectacular!

The first night we stayed in Curry Village in this sweet wall tent! There is even a cleaning service. Its not really roughing it, but with a baby we didn't mind :-)

We were able to get super close to this big fat mule deer. He sure eats good!

The daddies ready to go hiking with their little girls to Vernal Falls!

Isabel was such a trooper! She didn't fuss at all during the whole hike, but loved looking around. Seeing all the sites was tiring for the little one, and she took her nap right in the backpack!
Trying out sweet potatoes. As you can see, she wasn't a big fan...

All it takes is for mom to turn her head for one second and then Isabel is getting into something!

It was easy to see why Yosemitte National Park is one of our country's greatest natural treasures. We definitely want to go back some day and hike up half dome. But one thing you wont ever see us doing is climbing up the face of this rock, El Capitan.

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  1. What a fun trip! Never been, but with 3 boys, I'm sure we'll be headed there sometime in the future! :)